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4 thoughts on “Contact Me.”

  1. I definitely like that Ipad dock u blogged about…check out Beo Sound dock from Bang & Olufsen, I was in their store in Atlanta, GA last week & it blew me away. Just remember the name..Bang & Olufsen, all their products ROCK ! Word

  2. Just utilized rep code from this blog site & it actually worked on, I ordered some stuff from Rocksmith & Diamond Supply, so I should be getting my gear in a couple days.
    For cats that don’t know yet, streetwear ‘ Diamond Supply’ got some ill stuff.

  3. You gotta comment on the relevant post, Homie. Lol.

  4. Oh shhh..aight comment on the relevant post huh, well I just woke up, it’s 02:40AM, I function nocturnally, Vampire Life, might need some that Miso Soup lol..that Paul Desk sucks, I’m more into Ikea stuff. Happy B’day to ya ‘lil man though today. Bless

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