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I just bought a pro skateboard! Expensive as hell. Why? Because I’ve always wanted one. Am I a PRO? Nope. But, I’m not as bad a beginner should be. I wanna collect ’em. Different boards, different colors, but I also wanna skate. It’s fun. My son loves it. I just try to stay away from the life threatening stuff. Like, you’re not gonna catch me jumping down any ramps or tryna’ skate across a rail. Baby steps, people. Baby steps. Lol. The best part? The best skate park around here let’s girls skate for free as long as they wear their pads and helmet… which of couse I bought. My helmet is pink. Lol. Anyway. This is awesome. I love skate videos. The full movie is on Vimeo and I could only find the trailer on Youtube, so here’s the original post on fubiz. How’s your French? **Smiles**