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The Baby Leopard Zoe Dress in Mint by Motel is super hot. A simple, basic halter-type dress, but who can actually resist leopard print… in mint? Lol. Not me. IIII LIKE it! I can remember when I was, like, a size 0. Now, I’m a whole size 3 (Wah!) I may be small, but I need some ab-work. What used to come naturally, definitely does not ANYMORE. I have to work at this stuff. Plus, I’m a mom of a giant four-year-old. Well, he’s basically five. But, I promise you as soon as I get this Yoga and Pilates thing down, I will definitely be buying a whole lot more dresses that look like this and fit like that. After all, I do love my hips. Lol…. and legs! Hey, I say definitely a lot, don’t I?… Yep! So much for diversity. Loving my redundancy, today. Lol. Get the dress… at Kloop – Rep Code: oreoscheck87.