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This is so funny. Obviously the makers of this video counted on the overacting of the script to not only entertain, but to also snag new candidates. I’ve always liked Twitter’s office design better than Google’s and in secret have longed to work for them as a company. I’m not an engineer, but I am a designer and writer. I hate sales, so I have to think to myself, if Twitter offered me a sales position, would I take it if it were the only thing I could do for them?… The consensus??… A sad NO. I wouldn’t do sales again…even if it were for Twitter. Sales sucks (almost a tongue-twister). Anyway, this video is cheesy and funny. Bet you’ll like it. Leave a comment. Oh yeah, and let me know if you are planning to apply. I might just send in a resume, myself!

UH-OH, This Just In: Looks like Facebook might have Twitter beat in the interior design department, take a look for yourself – Facebook vs. Twitter.