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So, this is the world’s first all-gaming laptop. I must say it is AWESOME. Very CIA. At first, I was like, so, does this run Windows? Cuz’ I’m all about some Mac. Then my next thought was well, if I was gonna’ get a PC, this would definitely be it. Finally, I realized… hey, wait a minute. This is totally gaming-based. Look at the LCD screen on the keyboard. There is no Windows or Mac. Maybe there’s some interface that runs on the computer to let you switch between games, but I don’t think this thing is running any type of WORD. COOL! I want it! I really do. But, the price tag is a little higher than that of my configured 15″ Macbook Pro. I bet it’s totally worth it, tho’. And yes. I am a geek. 🙂 Now, get me this as a Christmas present! Lol. Sidenote: The Razer Blade is a really mysterious new gadget. I still don’t know what the company’s name is… Razer? Wait, found it! Yep. Razer USA. Original article found on uncrate.