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For the first time a movie’s trailer is being released via QR code. Oh, sorry. The title of this post already said that…. well, except for the first time thing. The name of the movie is Martha Marcy May Marlene and it’s starring Elizabeth Olsen. Yeah, you’re right, that’s a lotta’ M’s and I’m not even sure if that is one person or four different chicks. Anyway, the movie is supposed to be about her getting confused about her memories and dreams… which are which. Ya’ know, that kind of “Is this a dream? Or are my dreams really my real life?” philosophy stuff. I like philosophy, but the theory could get kind of confusing. If that was a question that was supposed to get answered, I wouldn’t know if my real life or dreams sucked more than the other. Lol. #InceptionMuch? Click Here to watch the trailer. Wait. Don’t. Scan the QR code! After all, that is the point!

P.S. This is a really great idea. I might steal it for a project I’m working on. Like “Spirit Fingers”, QR codes are GREAT!