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This could be really nice. And yes, thanks engadget for the photos. I am very aware of the watermark in the corner of every pic. I do use my iPad 2 mainly for apps and not music or files. So, I do game a lot on my device. Sometimes, ok, most times, it is hard to steer cars, or PacMan, or some guy running around in Grand Theft Auto. And for a low $20 bucks, I will definitely be picking one of these up. Makes sense, too, suction cups. I just hope it doesn’t take any of the screen with it or leave any gunk that I can’t get rid of, after the fact. Click engadget in the beginning of the post, there’s a video that couldn’t be embedded. While you’re there, you can read their reviews. Hey, come on. You gotta’ do a little work. Made again, by Logitech. Not on sale until next month.