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The Lifehacker question: Does solitude boost your creativity? I think so. But, the main reason I am posting this is because of the way the poem is performed by video. It is really nicely produced and makes total sense. Some people… and yes, I know some… are afraid to be alone. Some people feel like if they are alone for too long, all the bad stuff in their life will float to the surface and they will be left in an everlasting abyss of depression or at least be pissed for the next couple of hours. And I do agree. It happens. But, you can’t run from your problems, always. It feels much better to know you have faced them. And being alone is actually a lot more fun and peaceful than being around a bunch of fake people you know won’t be there for you when you need them. As far as the creativity part, solitude definitely, is my propeller. When I am working on a project, I don’t like to be bothered. When I am drawing, I don’t like people to look until the finished piece. When I’m writing, I don’t want you to read it until I’m done. Writing for me flows, Design takes brain power. Sometimes (most times), I’m angrily up at 2 in the morning designing. And I would totally prefer to be alone during these hours. So, yes. Solitude does boost creativity. At least for me. And like The 99 Percent Blog, I also believe that collaboration is great…. for idea-storming. But, when the work happens… it needs to be solo. Great job Tanya Davis! I had to search for her name or else I would have said, “Great job, Nameless Chick!” You can also watch her video straight from Youtube.