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The William Wallet is something even I think I could carry as a girl, an extremely nerdy-techy girl. Hey… I like it. Lol. I have a giant purse where I have two long clasp catch wallets that are printed in design, a leather fossil wallet, that has a million cards in there, and now I have a tiny black guy fold over wallet I carry with me when I’m carrying my backpack with all all of my technology. I might as well get this guy. Not to mention a checkbook I never use. I have way too many things going on. I think it’s the fact that I just love the wallet designs and I want to use them, so I have something in each of them. But, really I only need the one. However, don’t try to rob me – I’m broke as hell and it would be a total waste of time. Lol. I’m a Design and Tech Junkie. I know. I need help. Now stop scoping me out and get the wallet at Wintercheck Factory. Oh yeah, comes in a bunch of different colors.