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How about saving some trees, earth, and some skin at the same time? Question: Actually, how many of you wash every item of clothing you buy before throwing it on that day, the next day, or the next week? I don’t and I should. I have terribly sensitive skin. This little concept, Awesome might I add, was formulated by Korean designers Lim Jonghoon, Kim Sangbyum, Ahn Junseop, and Park Yuna. It is a meltable tag that is made up of a combination of soap and paper. So, let’s think about this for a minute, here. You don’t have to cut it off, it saves paper. It turns into soap, you don’t need detergent. And because you don’t have to cut off the tag, you can just toss it right in the moment you get home and save some, yes last but not least, skin. Since all clothing goes through a process to be made, to remove traces of dyes and chemicals, most manufacturers recommend you  do so (ya’ know, the washing thing… before throwing it on). Great thinking, Guys (Well, 3 guys and 1 Girl). Original article here, on Good.