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Sorry, I feel like I’m a week late on this one. At the time when it happened, I was in no mood to blog. I was too busy delivering a truckload of angry tweets to Twitter… seriously. But, now that that’s all over, the tweets, not the situation (Well, that’s over, too. Kinda’ shut that one down.), I bring to you the the latest news break ever. Here goes. So, there’s this guy named Mark Bao, right? He’s like this college student at Bentley University (never heard of it), and about two months ago, he had his Macbook Air stolen on campus. Cool thing, after the incident, this 18-year-old kid discovered he could still access his browser history along with some of the stuff on the hard drive. Guess what was one of the first things this idiot thief did? Photo Booth. Yep, that’s right. A snapshot. But, no need for that, this next thing is hilarious. So, if he didn’t think taking a picture was quite enough to incriminate himself, making a video certainly was, you Dummy. Mark Bao found the video and posted it to Youtube, embarrassing the hell out of the poor, little guy. He was asked by the criminal to take it down, but declined and here he is, dancing horribly to ‘Make it Rain’ by Tyga. He was able to find the perpetrator on Facebook and realizing he lived near his own dorm, planned on taking the information to the Police and Campus Authorities. But, not after having his laughs, first. Bao used Back-Up software, Backblaze to access his Mac while it was stolen. Also during this period, decided to purchase a new Mac laptop in the process. Later news, he plans to sell the recovered Air, donating all proceeds to Japan. Most info found on Engadget.