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Ok, so the fam and I have been on T-Mobile since before they were T-mobile, back when they were Voicestream and or Powertel (Can’t remember which). So, we have been “grandfathered in” on a lot of stuff. A lot of deals have gone down. We really like the coverage, most of the time, but the phones until now, have always kinda’… well, sucked. Well, I’m not complaining. I comfortably, went from my Mytouch 3G Slide to the HTC G2 in what seemed less than a year, but must have actually been a year for the upgrade to even happen. Now, all of a sudden we randomly hear news of AT&T buying T-Mobile. What? The initial reaction was not a good one. Most or all of us had and still have questions. But, the more days pass by, the more info we’re being told, and the more things are starting to clear up.

Initially, we were like WTF?! What happened? What are they doing? They better not mess anything up. And I’m not payin’ extra for NOTHIN’. Very positive attitudes. Lol. And by reading all of this news, we do know that AT&T did do this for very selfish reasons. As an Ex Apple Employee, I have to tell you, I hate AT&T. Never been a member, but I dealt with them with the iPhones everyday, all day. And I hated them, that’s why I never purchased an iPhone even though, I am so in love with Apple technology. First off, their plans are too expensive. Secondly, their customer service is whack.

So, why did they do it? I’m not gonna’ go into detail, but somethin’ about having too many customers (iPhone) and not enough towers or network availability to actually remedy the situation. The price you pay for success. So, instead of waiting years for the “possibility” of enough resources, they just decided to take over T-Mobile’s networks, which I guess were right behind theirs (in terms of size and infrastructure). Now, if combining the two networks is a plus, I’m all for it. But, if they plan to just drop all you AT&T people right in the middle of my HSPA+ and 3G, then yeah, we got a problem. Not to mention, I tether and I do not have a tethering plan, if T-Mobile even has one. And hearing that AT&T is cracking down on Jailbreakers and Tetherers without a plan, warning them, and then just automatically signing them up for a $45 monthly Tethering Plan is not gonna fly over here.

But from what I just read on Engadget, it should double T-Mobile’s 3G, put both networks on HSPA+, and create the fastest LTE speeds possible based on combining the two. Ok, so these are all good things, I guess, I don’t really know what LTE is. But, speed is good. Lol. (About to do some Googling). As far as pricing, all T-Mobile had to say was that they would honor the agreements of customers that were all ready entered into prior to the buyout. Hey, that’s us. So, I’m good. Lol.

More… maybe, as this continues to progress.