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Rarely, do I read whole articles on my phone. I really need to get one of those Read It Later apps for Android. However, I did read this one. Maybe, it touched me because even though I’m not particularly going through it, it still feels the same. And it would be nice for once to see the Realism in what actually happens in life instead of the Every-Love-Story-Happy-Ending we so often see in the theaters. People don’t always stay together and actually, these days, barely ever. The divorce rate has skyrocketed and is still going. I can’t help but to think that if I would have gone through with what I really thought I wanted, I too, would be part of the statistics. Actually, I’m pretty sure of it. But, the heart wants what the heart wants… right? I’m not going to quote what this guy said or anything, I’m just gonna’ to link to it. Everything Mr. Dana Adam Shapiro had to say , he said beautifully all ready, and so did Adam Sternbergh, Writer for The New York Times Magazine. Here is the link, check it out: “A Brutally Candid Oral History of Breaking Up“. By the way, the movie is called “Monogamy”.