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There’s a lot of skepticism about whether this actually happened or not, whether it was real or fake. Personally, I don’t really have a clue. But, if it was real, it was awesome. This guy, so he says and the video shows, actually took over screens in what he says to be Times Square. There was something on top of his iPhone that was connected to the device in his hand that allowed him to take over any video signal that it floated next to or passed by. There was a guy holding his iPhone with the video feed he wanted to put up while  he just walked around passing screens with his little invention, taking over their networks. One he wanted to broadcast on was too high and the video shows him getting a balloon, attaching the device and floating it up in the air near the screen. Hey, from what I saw, it worked. However, if you read the Youtube comments, a lot of people had things to say about the video as a whole, the balloon, and the device. I say, who cares if it was real or fake? It was a cool video and an awesome concept.