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Wow. Now, the Fail Whale IS awesome (and annoying), and I wouldn’t mind having it as a desktop wallpaper, but these people took it to the extreme. Lol. Who put the Fail Whale in the game, Second Life? Lol. Where did that hat come from and where can I get some cake? Lol. And even though it does make for a pretty cute tattoo… I don’t know. And let’s not forget all the work that person put into creating the necklace (really cool, btw). It’s like the Fail Whale is the next Betty White. You guys are aware that there is a Betty White comic book, right? Cracks me up. Anyway, as annoying as it is to be told that “Twitter is Over Capacity”, at least we have the awesome Fail Whale to look at while we’re momentarily pissed off on our way to checking up on Twitter Status.