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So, I heard you can add other users to your blog. The roles are Administrator (that’s me), Editor, Author, and Contributor. Well, I am looking for Contributors. I think it would be very cool to have other great Writers on board, actually having a team of staff who are rewarded by having their work published… on a very cool site, of course. Lol. I am looking for people who blog or simply write about interests such as Street Wear, Gadgets / Technology, Urban and Contemporary Culture, Music, Art/Design, and possibly News. All Writers must be able to write in sort of a dialogue. This means no bland, straight-to-the-point articles. I write how I talk and sometimes that includes slang. A lot of times, that includes slang. I try to put apostrophes where letters are missing, so that people know I can spell and use correct grammar, I am just choosing to write like that. I all ready have somebody in mind and now I’m about to scour WordPress for more people to invite. If this is you, you can send me an email with files or a link to some of your work along with your name (Yes. Government Name.) and pen name. Please tell me what you would like to write about in the body of the email. You can send this info to Sherunner@gmail.com. Thanks for reading and I look forward to hearing from you!