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I’m waiting on Lion to come out this Summer, so I can shell out 130 bucks for the new OS, but it should be awesome and worth it. Anyway, here is the line up. I didn’t want to waste time looking for images of each app icon to scatter all over this post, so what you’re getting is a screenshot of my actual desktop and the name of each app according to order. Some are native Mac apps, but most are downloaded. A couple are free trials, but most are just plain free… or maybe they are actually still in my App Folder. Oh well, just check ’em out. Let me know whatcha’ think. Notice there is no clutter on the desktop and I went from cool wallpaper to a white screen. I don’t know. I kinda like it that way. Feels very Techy… which is what I am.¬†Sidenote: I’m a Graphic Designer. So some of these things I got just for the icons. I like a pretty dock and desktop. Strange, but that’s me.

The Line-Up:

Finder – Native

Mail – Native

Sparrow Lite

Safari – Native

iTunes – Native

SketchBook Express

Adobe Illustrator – A part of Design Premium CS4 (Not Free)

Adobe Photoshop – Ditto

Firefox – Hate it. Only have it for fussy sites that only like Windows.

TweetDeck – Awesome. Growl Notifications.

Twitter – Mmmm. I just like the icon.

Evernote – Awesome.

Yahoo! Messenger

VLC Media Player

Miro – Awesome Video Player


iPhoto – Native


Duplicate Annihilator – Haven’t used it yet.

Courier – Trial



AppCleaner – My Hero

Lock Desktop – Automator for people around nosey people. Awesome.

System Preferences – Native

Photo Booth – Native

The Sims 3 Deluxe – Love the game, but have to take a break. Can be as stressful as real life. (Not Free)

iMovie – Native

App Store – New. Awesome. Doesn’t have everything, though. AUTOMATIC DOWNLOAD WITH SOFTWARE UPDATE ON 10.6.6

Store News – Barely check it. Tells you when new apps come out.

Google Earth – Way too cool for me. I have to check that out when I have a lot more time. Lol.

Breathing Zone Free – Very cool. Only used once, though.

Swackett – Awesome. Sweater or Jacket? Weather with Graphics.

Evac – Cool Game. Not free. But very cheap.

Caffeine – Stops Mac from going to sleep in the middle of things.

Opus Domini – Schedule Software. Okay.

DinoSingers – For my son. Only like two songs. Cute, though.

Sushi Boy – Cheap Not free. Cool game.

Alfred – Very cool finder. Never launch it. Lol.

SoundCloud – For Musicians and Artists. Why do I have this? Lol.

Then, there’s just some stuff I dragged to the dock to find easier – iWork, Downloads, App Folder, and Movies