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G2! G2! G2! Where is it? I’m supposed to get it today. It has said OUT FOR DELIVERY since 9:05 this morning. I don’t think UPS is telling the truth. I live five minutes away from the UPS store. Yes, I all ready ordered it. I had to. I had to order SOMETHING. The phone I have right now, the Mytouch 3G slide isn’t worth the flip it doesn’t have. I hate it. It lives on the charger and dies within 5-10 minutes of not being there. Plus, I just did a Quadrant Benchmark Test (inspired by the G2) and my phone was like a 379 total benchmark score. What? Get outta here. It’s not even on as we speak. Please UPS, hurry up and bring me my phone. You would think I was dying of hunger, here. I’ll probably feel the same way tomorrow waiting on my MBP from Fedex. I have done all the research and this phone is supposed to be great. A lot faster since it’s on the new T-Mobile HSPA network. Is there a plus sign, there? Yeah, I think there’s a plus sign there. +HSPA Network. Lol. Whatever. It’s supposed to be a lot faster than what I’m used to getting on any phone I’ve ever had. The battery life? Not awesome, but I’ll do whatever I can to preserve it. But, it does everything else I like and has a full qwerty keyboard and can take video in HD. So, I’m good. Plus it’s a Google phone, so it’s all ready got all of the applications including a Google Talk function to automate the whole phone. The whole Android experience. Yes. That is what I want. If I’m going to use an operating system, I want the whole thing. Not just a fragment (of random). Now, when’s Gingerbread getting here? Haha. Bye, Guys.

P.S. What’s Froyo? Juuuust kidding. 😛