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Ok. I have never owned anything other than a jump drive in the sense of any computer storage or conservation. They work pretty well… if you can keep track of all those little sticks all over the place. And they don’t really hold that much, either. So, I am going for the external hard drive for all those times I created that perfect design or logo and forgot to hit save before Photoshop or Illustrator froze and collapsed (this goes out to all my homies *Tear*). 320 GB, if I really need it. I don’t even need the 4 GB that are coming with the Macbook Pro if I have been able to get by on less that 1 GB for 8 years (7, upgraded to 2.5). #Sheesh. Hashtag. Oh, this isn’t Twitter? Sorry. Aaanyway, working for Apple in the Apple Store, I always told customers the G-Drive, LaCie, and Western Digital were the best. Guess what? I had no idea what I was talking about. I hadn’t USED any of ’em. The reason I picked the one I did was because of its sleekness and noticeable similarity to the Apple laptop casing. As far as quality goes, I’m gonna tell you something about myself. I am the WORST at making quick decisions. I CRACK under pressure. I HATE deadlines. So, I researched… and researched. And if I didn’t stop myself, I could’ve researched myself into oblivion with comments on the product and freakin’ Youtube. Hey, you can look up ANYTHING on Youtube. It’s awesome. 😛 I knew one thing and that thing was that I was getting a goshdarn computer (or at least ordering one) that day with all the accessories I needed AT THE SAME TIME. So, here’s what I got. This is the cutest little portable thing. It’s fast, it looks like an Apple product except for the giant “G” on the front of it, aaaand if it drops on the floor it’ll disassemble like a 1999 Nokia faceplate. All that in mind, I compared other hard drives at the price of $99.95 and didn’t like the other design or the other other’s comments. So, I decided to go with my first choice, the G-Drive in hopes that I or my lovely 3-year-old son never drops the thing on any of our wooden floors.