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Yes. I do realize that the image of the open laptop is not an Anti-Glare screen and it probably is not configured the same, either. But, that’s beside the point. I have 2 Macs and this is my third, not counting the one I persuaded my mom to buy about a year ago. One is an old old SLOW not even ON Mac (It does still work, though) that is an eMac that’s as big as a TV (from 1984). When this one was being argumentative, that’s the one I decided to go back to. Thank GOD this one decided to start working again (That one won’t even let me get out of Classic Yahoo Mail). The one I am on currently, is an iMac G5 20″ with iSight from about 2003 that I decided to physically, manually upgrade the ram in. Still runs. Love the color. Can’t upgrade to Snow Leopard… hence the missing Intel Chip. Oh yeah. My mom’s on a 2009 or ’10 iMac. I forget. Back to the point. Considering my desktop is about 8 years old, it is definitely time for a new one. A portable. A Macbook Pro. And it should be here… TOMORROW! Yaaaaayyyyyy!!!! 😛 You guys just don’t know how excited I am. I LOOOVE TECHNOLOGY. And even though I used to work for Apple as a Specialist on the Business Team for a whole year, I never actually owned a notebook at all. I taught workshops on them. I sold them. I didn’t actually carry them around much because they were always tethered to something… unless I was helping a customer on their personal laptop. So, I decided to op for the 15″, keep it at 4GB, get the Core i7, upgrade the RPM from 5400 to 7200 and get the Anti-glare screen (Graphic Designer). I also got AppleCare, of course, and iWork pre-installed. I’ll install cs4 when it gets here and later on purchase Final Cut Express, but I did get a bookbag and a hard drive (You’ll see this stuff in my next posts… if you read them). Here is my concern, though: as with my cell phone that I’m replacing today as soon as UPS decides to adorn my doorstep with its presence, I have a real issue with battery life. Having never used a portable, I have been reading and reading about the proper usage cycles and things to do to prolong battery life. Also, since I upgraded the RPM, I heard that it might either run a little hotter than usual or make a bunch of noise. We’ll see. I just wanted to optimize it as much as possible, so I wouldn’t need a new one for a long long time. As far as Mr. Steve Jobs and his Keynote, I don’t really know what’s in store. But, if Apple is anything like they used to be, they will give the customers who recently purchased new computers and/or software a chance to switch ’em out when the new stuff comes… sayyyy June-ish? Exactly why I’m not buying an iPad at the moment. It can WAIT ’til Summer.