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Yeah, I wish I could get infinity MPG, just not on a bike. The only people you see on bikes these days are either homeless or serious bikers in “biker” shorts. Here’s the weird thing: in Germany (where I was born) they are supposed to ride on the sidewalk, so they don’t get hit in the street. Here, they are supposed to ride in the street, so they don’t run over pedestrians. Huh? I think I’d rather hit a person while riding a bike, then have a car hit me. Anyway, last summer I wanted to get back in shape (Oh shut up, I know I’m still skinny as hell, those that actually know me.) and it was a good and bad idea… at least for me. It was great until I had to ride uphill coming back home in my neighborhood… then everything turned slow-motion. I basically decided to walk the bike the rest of the way home. That’s what I get for never exercising anymore. Back to the tee. I like green. My room is green. Not the same shade of green, but it’s green. And I like the simplicity of the white etched out in the green. So, uhh… to wrap things up, I’m just gonna’ tell you where you can get the shirt. It’s at Threadless. Ok? I know I talked a lot in this one. Lol.

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