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Ok, McDonalds, what’s up with this? My kid has received three freakin’ Ironhide Transformer Toys and one Optimus Prime (which is awesome), but that is NOT what he WANTS. I have been to two separate locations (hey, that’s a lot of locations to not really care about somethin’… I know, I’m such a great mom) and they still tried to give me the same toy. I was even gonna’ pay for it without getting food ($2.75? No. Way. Not. A McDonalds toy). Thiskidgenius wants Bumblebee and who can blame him? Other than Optimus Prime, with his smooth authoritative voice (is it weird to think a Transformer’s sexy?), Bumblebee is… the coolest! Come on, you know it was hot how he expressed what he wanted to say through the car’s radio. Plus, he’s YELLOW!… Like the sun. Yes, he’s awesome. And now I want one. So, where the hell is he? Did you even send any out to (insert location here)??? Whatever, man. I guess I’ll just go to Toys R’ Us and get one of those little cheap versions because in real life he doesn’t even care about Transformers. He likes X-men, Iron Man, and Spiderman… Oh, and Toy Story, and Phineas and Ferb.. and Zeke and Luther (who thankfully, don’t even have any toys out). But what kid can resist all that advertising, huh? I swear I wish I could boycott that place. But we pass one every five minutes and he thinks he’s entitled to one Happy Meal a day and it’s all my sister’s fault. Who wants to listen to a kid screaming all the way home? I am pretty sure you are not supposed to have to negotiate… with a 3 year old.