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So this is the world’s simplest phone, huh? John’s Phone. It’s kinda’ cool. So simple it’s kinda’ cutting edge. Nothin’ special like text messages, internet, or even a screen, but hey it does what a phone is SUPPOSED to do. At least what phones were invented for. Downside? I didn’t post the pic because I think it is the worst idea ever, but in the back of this phone is a door that opens to a pad of paper for addresses and a stylus-like pen. Wha? No. Get that outta’ there. Also, according to Engadget, the thing is so cheap-feeling that you’d really think it was a Mattel toy. Call quality – ok. Button usage  on the side – not so great. I guess I’d get one and teach my 3 year old kid how to use it. He’d probably figure it out on his own, anyway. Yes, Engadget. I know these are your pictures. Aside from the obvious watermark, how else would I get such cool info? You don’t think I know the maker of John’s Phone… do you?