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Ok, so even though this product didn’t get the greatest reviews in construction (giant wobbly battery), I still think it is the cutest little thing since sliced bread and netbooks. Yes, it’s a netbook made by Jolicloud complete with it’s Linux operating system. That’s right, it’s not Windows or the Mac OS X which I most definitely prefer over Windows, it’s Linux. And the coolest thing about this little guy, other than the awesome lid which is more negatively controversial than one would think, is that it’s basically app-based. If you were to look at the desktop of one of these things turned on, you would see a bunch of icons for apps like Skype, Twitter, Facebook, and Gmail. The app icons are basically links that open up the webpage to that specific site or app, kinda like bookmarks on your desktop. They say it’s not for adults, well it’s not quite for kids either. It’s more of a social netbook: a netbook for people who love apps and social networking and drinking coffee in coffee shops at tables topped with netbooks full of games, apps,  and social sites. I love it. I did say I would love to get it for my three-year-old (extremely smart). But who am I kidding? This little sucker would be all mine and the closest thing to any Windows computer as I would ever come… even though it’s NOT Windows. Well, It’s not a Mac either and I’m totally an Apple Fan. So far, it seems as though the Jolibook has only been released in the UK. Well, I don’t care. All I wanna know is… how in the cloud of Joli do I get one?! My info came from Engadget.