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No, not for dinner? Come on, Guys. For going on strike with. Here’s how: just tape or tie your iPad to a stick, wait, make sure you have a plastic bag over it for coverage just in case it rains and tadaaaa! You’ve got your very own make-shift, portable, AND flash-enabled billboard. Caution: extremely dangerous to equipment. May get stolen or might just plain fall off the stick. Picket at your own risk.

Hey, I don’t know what this guy was protesting about, but I do know that he had to have been the most creative striker in the group on that particular day. That iPad’s flashing SOMETHIN’ out there in… Lithuanian. Watch his expression. It’s as if he’s thinking, “What are ya’ lookin’ at ME for?! Pay attention to the cause, man! That IS what you’re here for, right?” Haha. No Sir. We are here to see your hard work. At play. Nice work and more power to you… and your iPad on a stick.