Look, Comcast. I know you have to note that you have competition. And yes, Netflix is competition. And I know you’d rather spend your time thinking of ways to SQUASH your competition than doing anything else productive or good. But don’t you all ready have enough money from all the freakin’ people FORCED to use your service due to location of residency?! You can’t just let us stream through somebody else if we so choose to? Is it too much to ask to not restrict the use of technology purchased by the people and for the people in order to enjoy some much-needed commercial-free movie and sitcom quality time with the fam (or not)? I think NOT. I mean, it’s not free. Well, the first month is… which is a great idea. But you still pay for the streaming and the dvds being mailed out to your house after that first month. It’s just not a payment that goes through Comcast. That little bit of cash goes to Netflix for coming up with such an awesome idea and product at such great prices. I mean, I knew about Netflix and when my dad was alive he used it when it first came out. But I didn’t really pay any attention to it until a co-worker pretty much advertised the subscription at work. She was talking about how cool it was that you could watch it on your Wii. I was like, hey, I have a Wii. I also have an iMac, but as I found out later, it’s just a little too old for instant streaming . No worries, I’ll have my new Macbook Pro come this January (sorry G5). That being said, Comcast is pressuring poor Netflix into charging its consumers with some kind of fee associated with streaming through owners of Comcast Cable equipment or services. And it’s just not fair. I don’t know the outcome yet, but like I said in the title of this sad but true post: “Come ON, I just GOT Netflix!  Click the link for further details: Comcast, Why?