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Ok, who’s the best? Drake, Eminem, or Wayne? Drake is so profound and his voice turns me on like crazy as does Eminem’s, however Wayne does have a nice style and he is super versatile. Drake does sing also just like Nicki Minaj (Brand New). Em doesn’t sing, but he’s so hardcore and his lyrics go so hard that I don’t think he’ll ever lose his place in the game. It’s a toss-up, but my favorite of the moment? DRAKE. So, ummmm… yea, I’ll miss you Baby. Lol. Muah! (You know I can rap like you, right? Aaand Minaj… or at least mimic the voice and lyrics.) Karaoke anyone?

P.S. Not really. I hate Karaoke, I’ll stick to rappin’ in mirrors, thank you. Lol.