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Welcome to WordPress.com. This is MY first post and I did so post for the much-needed sake of randomness. Every time I tried to make a blog in the past, I would pick a topic and then want to blog about something totally unrelated. So to save myself from the embarrassment of  randomness by accident, I have come up with the most awesomely practical (yes, I make up words) solution to the problem in my blog of COMPLETE randomness. And I do realize that some of these first entries aren’t as awesome as they could be, but I must introduce myself briefly. Hello, my name is: Graphic Designer-Writer-Linguist-Hip Hop Dance Teacher meets Coffee House-Apple Chick-Mom of defiant 3 year old… AWESOME! I am awesome. So forgive me if some of the things I post are a little Mom-ish… ‘cuz I am one. One that totally loves the Skater-Urban-Surfer-Rocker…. with a little Anthropologie and Ikea.. lifestyle. If only I could just live it the way I wanted it. Nothing traditional about this mom. And nothing traditional about her kid, either. He loves skateboarding more than I do.

  • Goal Number 1: Replace wardrobe with all Karmaloop and Johnny Cupcakes Gear…  if only I’d win that $15,000 Sweepstake.. hey, I’d go be stoked for $5,000!
  • Goal Number 2: Get an awesome apartment all decked out with my choice of West Elm, Ikea, and CB2 furniture and decor. Even the kid’s room would be awesome!
  • Goal Number 3: Get an iPad and Macbook Pro.

Hey, did you happen to notice anything? All these things cost MONEY. Of course… they’re THINGS. And an awesome sense of style with no cash to match it comes in handy at no time whatsoever… AT ALL. (Here’s to wishin’.) So, I guess instead of owning all these awesome things… awesome… random things… I can just blog about them. Aaand provide links to my oh-so-totally-awesome-non-existent, fans out there. Read on, stay tuned, and enter some FRAGMENTS OF AWESOME into your life.